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Martial Arts Training Games

Playing games is arguably the most entertaining way to learn.  Although many boast the seriousness of Wing Tsun Techniques in real life situations, the reality is that to increase skill and effectiveness in martial arts, we have to instill a sense of play.  Martial arts training games are critical to prolonging the duration that partners can […]


New Website

Everybody Martial Arts is back but with a bang.  Most of you are probably thinking where is the old website and why have we changed it? So here is your answer: Sometimes we all NEED a change in our lives. That’s why we’ve decided to start fresh- With an updated website! and now it’s back […]

Developing Strength with Single Punch and Huen-sau

The Siu Nim Tau introduces the single punch (straight-line thrusting punch) as a prerequisite to the chain punch.  The motion of the single punch, along with the circling hand, develops the path and structure necessary for a safe and powerful chain punch. When extending the punch in the air, be sure that the fist starts at the center-point and […]

Siu Nim Tau

As with any exercise or sport developing  body positioning and coordination are critical in becoming skillful, efficient, and powerful. in Wing Tsun Kung Fu, students begin developing these through practicing the Siu Nim Tau.  The Siu Nim Tau, literally translated as the little- idea- form, begins to build the reference points used in Wing Tsun Training.  The […]

The “Character 2” Stance

One of the first things a prospective student will learn is the Character two stance (pictured above).  This awkward-looking stance (also referred to as yee-chi-kim-yeung-ma or IRAS) is the foundation that allows the Wing Tsun practitioner to increase his or her strength, necessary for balance and stability.