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Get started training with the elite Leung Ting WingTsun® Kung Fu! Wing Tsun (pronounced Wing Chun) is a Chinese Martial Art that prefers economical movement, and practical positioning over the acrobatics that many people associate with martial arts. Wing Tsun is famous for its chi-sau training, as well as its reputation for being an effective form of self-defense. Some well-known practitioners of this unique martial art include Bruce Lee and his teacher Ip Man.

Sifu | 4th Level Technician

Sifu John is the head instructor of Everybody Martial Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona. He believes thateverybody can reap the benefits of martial arts training. His mission is to increase the appreciation for Wing Tsun Kung fu one student at a time.

For over 20 years, Sifu John has been studying the art of Wing Tsun. Sifu John began his Wing Tsun training in 1994 under Sifu Keith Sonnenberg, 4th Level Technician, in Mesa, Arizona. Then in 1998, he began teaching martial arts as an adjunct faculty member at Mesa Community College. Since then he has been empowering people of all ages utilizing the benefits kung fu training. He is recognized as a 3rd Level Technician by the International WingTsun Association-North American Section (IWTA-NAS) with the auspices of Grand Master Leung Ting; Sifu John founded Everybody Martial Arts, LLC. in 2015.

In addition to teaching the practical applications of the wing tsun forms, Sifu John also brings his unique understanding of the far reaching benefits wing tsun has to offer. His interest in martial arts goes back over 25 years when he began studying Kempo as a teenager. In college, he studied Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong; finally he found Wing Tsun and has been hooked ever since. To him, Wing Tsun is the ultimate embodiment of the internal and external martial arts.

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Everybody Martial Arts has moved to Chandler, AZ. We are located just a block North of Chandler Blvd. on Alma School Rd. on the North-East Corner of Alma School and Erie St. at 401 N Alma School Rd

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