Martial Arts Training Games

Playing games is arguably the most entertaining way to learn.  Although many boast the seriousness of Wing Tsun Techniques in real life situations, the reality is that to increase skill and effectiveness in martial arts, we have to instill a sense of play.  Martial arts training games are critical to prolonging the duration that partners can train together. Could you imagine if every encounter was a full out slug-fest?  In Wing Tsun, there are many martial arts training games to help you become a more skilled martial artist. Here are a couple beginning level games that can be enjoyed by all skill levels.

Game:  Get Inside

Goal:  Develop Indoor area punches.

“Get Inside” is a chain punching game in which partners face each other in character 2 and begin chain punching to the outdoor area. They work on timing and deflecting the punches attempting to maintain the straight line to the nose (stand far enough apart that the arms can fully extend without actually hitting the target!). The chain punching cycle should be repeated so that each player can fully extend his arm and establish the rhythm. Once this happens, the game begins.  The goal of the game is to get your punch to the indoor area of  your opponent, without disrupting the punching cycle.  When working on this you’ll strengthen your punches, improve your timing, and decrease reaction time.   You can also try it in the advancing step to increase leg strength and balance.

Game:  By the Toe

Goal:  Develop footwork speed.

Identify “Tells”

“By the Toe” is a stepping game in which the partners face each other.  Partner (A) is in character 2, Partner (B) is standing  comfortably with her foot extended out.  Each student looks the other in the eye.  (A)makes attempts to pin (B)s extended foot to the floor using an advancing step technique. (B) needs to withdraw the foot before it is caught. When playing this game, let your partner know of any obvious “tells” that let you know he is beginning to advance towards you.  Make sure you switch feet often so you practice stepping with both feet.

Stay Safe, Train hard, and have Fun!  I hope these martial art training games help you on your journey!





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