March- Spring into Wing Tsun

March was a super month for Wing Tsun despite having a week off for spring break.  I traveled to Dublin Ireland for vacation.  While there, I was able to drop in on Master Aiden Canavan’s Wing Tsun class.  The class session was 2 hours long, and we worked on form training, padded drills, form application and chi sau.  It was interesting to see how others branches do things a little different, there were some elements that I felt a little awkward with at first, but Sifu Canavan and his friendly students helped me to get my confidence.  I learned some interesting applications and footwork.  Thank you all at Wing Tsun Dublin for the hospitality!

Wing Tsun at Dublin City Centre


Master Canavan is a 5th level master grade instructor in the  Irish European Wing Tsun Organization (IEWTO).  The European Wing Tsun Organization was founded by Grand Master Keith Kenrnspect, a student of  Grand Master Leung Ting.

Master Adams Lop-sau with Frank.

March ended with our Seminar with Master Mike Adams, of Dynamic Martial Arts in Illinois.  We did a 4 hour seminar on Saturday, March 25 with students both the Gilbert and Scottsdale location in attendance.  The special event was held at the Scottsdale Martial Arts Center and we got a chance to learn Wing Tsun from a new perspective.  I learned some new material and I know that attendees enjoyed themselves too.

In addition to the seminar, I was able to do a couple private lessons focusing on Wooden Dummy, and Biu Tze Chi Sau sections.  Thank you Master Adams for visiting us!


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